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Ashley Bryan, who lives in Maine, and Jan Spivey Gilchrist, who lives in Chicago, are legends in the children's book world. They are also great friends and together, this remarkable duo offers an unforgettable presentation to any and all age groups. Here is a general description of their program:




The content may vary, depending on the needs of the group, but the following is a general description. Each of them will read from his or her work, usually poetry or some picture book excerpts. Ashley sometimes also reads from other poets' work (Langston Hughes, for example). Jan and Ashley will also discuss their art and, if the proper equipment is available, Jan will show some slides. Interspersed throughout the program, they'll offer comments about writing, children, how children develop confidence, how children develop their own talents, what adults can do to encourage these attributes in children. There is a great deal of audience participation.


While one is speaking, the other is usually seated (either on the stage or in seats at the front of the audience).


At the end of the program, they will read some poetry together, and then there's even more audience involvement as they offer a Q&A period.

As stated earlier, the content may vary, depending on the needs of the audience. Workshops are not offered with this program, but ask about any other details you would like to include.


Intended Audience:


This program is flexible, so the audience can be any age whatsoever -- from preschool to adult. The program can be geared to very young children, older children, or adults, and those adults can be parents, teachers, librarians or a mixture of all three.


Program Length and How Many They Can Do a Day:


Ashley and Jan work together in this hour-long program. For very young audiences (preschool and kindergarteners), it would be a little shorter to be appropriate for their attention spans.


Ashley and Jan can do the Two Legends, Two Friends Program three times a day, plus they would both be available for autographing books. They prefer a 20-minute break between three presentations. Occasionally, they can do one program the evening before, and two programs the next morning.

Equipment Needed:

Two microphones, preferably standing microphones, equipment for a Powerpoint presentation, seats for both of them, drinking water, and if possible, a table for copies of the books from which they will be reciting.


Honorarium and Expenses:


The per day honorarium is $5,000 for both of them, plus expenses for each of them (travel, hotel, and meals). Keep in mind that this involves two hotel rooms, meals for both of them, and roundtrip airfare for both. To help you estimate airfare, we would like to reiterate that Jan lives in the Chicago area, and Ashley lives in Maine. Please note that, for health reasons, Jan Spivey Gilchrist will need direct flights whenever possible.

The honorarium should be divided two ways, $2,500 being paid to Ashley Bryan, $2,500 to Jan Spivey Gilchrist. Please make the checks out to each of them separately. The honorarium is due following the last presentation or session on the last day.

Schools and organizations should also be prepared to pay airfare and hotel charges directly to the airline and hotel respectively. Please discuss travel arrangements with each of them, but do please pay for their travel and hotel in advance with the hosting organization's check or credit card.

For further information, especially about the expenses (travel, hotel, and meals), click the "Arrange An Appearance" button and see "General Information on the Cost of an Author Appearance" as well as the 'Honorariums' section near the bottom of "How to Plan an Author Appearance."

When to book this program:

Please book Two Legends, Two Friends at least a year in advance.