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A native Georgian, Kim Siegelson lives with her family and flock of pet chickens not far from where she grew up, but her books have won a number of awards, including state awards in Kansas, Florida, South Carolina, Arkansas and her own home state. Kim tailors her iChat presentations, depending on the age of her audience and the needs of the curriculum. For kindergarteners, she might have them play a "build a story" game, where thye'll help her imagine and tell a brand new story. For students a little older, she might talk about the process that takes a writer from idea to finished book, including research ideas, editing tips, and the other people involved in publishing a book. It's up to you. Let us know what kind of presentation you'd like her to do.



Please have the students prepare in advance a list of questions for her to answer. She will first give a brief presentation, perhaps showing her latest book or talking about an upcoming project, and will then take questions. If you prefer, the Q&A can come first, depending on your students' needs. How you handle the Q&A is up to you. Sometimes students come up to the screen individually to ask questions and then the next student comes up. Sometimes the students gather around the screen to ask questions. The format will depend on your needs and what kind of equipment you have. If you have an activboard or some other means to project the images onto a larger screen, for example, the format might be somewhat different. In any case, students must be familiar with some of her books.

If you would like a different kind of program, please let us know before setting up the program and please provide a general idea of what you would like. Further details will be needed at least a week before the chat so she can prepare.

She'll also be happy to autograph bookplates in advance of the chat, but be sure to send them to her in a timely manner so she can sign them and get them back to you before the chat.



$175 * for 1 one-hour long chat

$350 * for 2 one-hour long chats over the course of a day

$500 * for 3 one-hour long chats over the course of a day


Please visit Kim Siegelson to see her bio, then follow the three other links at the top of the page for a list of her books, information on her presentations when she comes to do a physical visit, and book ordering information for getting her books from a variety of sources.


Grade levels: K-YA

Residence: GA




It went so well!! Kim was amazing!! She was so informative and entertaining. She held the attention of 125 children for a hour! They were very interested in everything she said.


Barbara Aug

Media Coordinator

Cameron Park Elem. School

Hillsborough , NJ

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