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For author appearances, Scholastic offers a 40% discount and fully returnable terms.

To order books for author appearances and to obtain further information, contact call 800 724 6527, ext 3. and then 2.

Please verify with the rep that you are talking to someone in the Catalog division. Every once in a while, the teacher/librarian accidentally connects to a Book Fair or Book Club rep who doesn’t have the information you will need.

If you have any problems, call:
(p) 212/389-3772

Please be aware that this information is for Scholastic trade books.  For books published in Scholastic's library and school division, there is no special discount for author appearances, but Scholastic does offer a 30% discount for librarians and schools ordering direct by phone (800-621-1115) or through their web site ( Elaine Landau's books, for example, are published by the library and school division. Virginia Schomp's books are published by the trade division. If you have any questions as to which division publishes which author's or illustrators' books, please contact Catherine at Balkin Buddies at 727 378 4191.



Further details are included in this section for ordering trade books. Scholastic offers a special 40% discount for books ordered in preparation for, or for sale during, author visits to schools and libraries. Please note that this cannot be combined with discounts or offers from other Scholastic divisions. Also, Scholastic waives the freight charges for these orders.


To place your order, call


1 - 800 - SCHOLASTIC

1 - 800 - 724-6527


When you call this number, please choose 3 and at the next automated prompt, choose "2." When you call, make sure you tell our customer service department that your order is for an author/illustrator visit, and specifically ask for the above-mentioned terms. Make sure that you let them know the date of your visit as well.


Please be sure to order books well in advance of the visit. Depending on the nature of your visit, it is advisable to set a delivery date 3-5 days prior to the visit.


As book prices and availability are subject to change, please contact Customer Service to review the list of available books before you begin organizing your book order.


Every school is different, so it is very difficult for us to give recommendations on this matter. Listed below are two methods of handling book orders which you may choose to implement.


Pre-ordering: Some schools choose to have their students pre-order the books.

Advantages: This method will give you a fairly accurate count of how many and which books you should order. Possible Disadvantages: 1) Books can go out of stock or change in price without notice. You might have to ask for more money to cover increased prices or refund money on titles no longer available. 2) Many students realize that they want to purchase books only after they have met the author. You may not have any books for these students. We suggest you have labels or bookplates available for the author to sign should this occur.


Estimating Numbers: Other schools make educated guesses at numbers based on previous book sales in their school or in their community (from previous author visits or book fairs). Advantages: Eliminates the problems associated with the pre-ordering method. Possible Disadvantages: 1) There is the possibility of selling out of a favorite title and ordering too many copies of less popular titles. 2) You may need to pay return postage on unsold books.


Books are returnable for credit. You may return books to the following address, and be sure to read the paragraph below this one, which explains the procedure in some detail:


Scholastic Inc.

Attn: Book Returns

3030 Robinson Road

Jefferson City , MO 65111


Please enclose: (a) A copy of the invoice; (b) a letter explaining how many copies of each title you sold, and how many of each you are returning; and (c) a check for the total cost of books you ordered. Scholastic will then issue you a credit.


The invoice is due within thirty (30) days. An invoice may be paid with multiple checks, if necessary, as long as they are made out to Scholastic.


Scholastic does not pay for the postage or freight costs of return shipments. You are responsible for these expenses.