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I'm Carol Nevius, born and brought up in upstate New York. An A student through high school, I discovered more about the world beyond Painted Post by attending Brandeis University, and taking summer jobs, from short order cooking to being a newspaper switchboard operator to teaching sailing at a girls camp. I enrolled at the University of Manchester, England for junior year, and explored most of Europe and the USSR. After graduating in 1976 with a BA in Psychology, I headed off to a job opportunity in the Caribbean for more world travel, working as a sailing charter cook, snorkeling and fishing guide, and eventually becoming a US Coast Guard licensed boat captain.


I married my merman, and we set off under sail through the Panama Canal and around the Pacific to Australia, Japan and Hawaii. At this point, we had no computer technology, except a satellite navigation system. We generated our own solar and wind power, collected rainwater, and used the ham radio to communicate. We worked odd jobs along the way, from boatyard fiber-glassing and wood refinishing to picking bananas. Yes, there were a few frightening, memorable moments, but many more peaceful and contented ones.


I now live ashore with my husband in Coral Springs, Florida. Known to thousands of students as Mrs. Jones, I have visited and guest taught from pre-school to high school. I am presently in charge of a sixth grade writing class, but my students will understand if I'm borrowed by other schools for occasional author visits. I enjoy swimming, music, traveling, reading, writing, revising, and encouraging all my kids and all my orchids to grow and bloom.


Karate Hour was inspired as I watched a summer introductory class taken by my five year old. Presently, the kids are involved in Odyssey of the Mind, art lessons, surfing, marching band, gymnastics, fishing, and baseball.


My next picture book, Building With Dad (Marshall Cavendish, 2006) with full color illustration by Bill Thomson, shows, from a child's point of view, a year's progress at a new school construction site, from walking the empty lot to the first day of school.

Baseball Hour (Marshall Cavendish, 2008) multi-culturally illustrated by Bill again, shows that practicing together can build a successful team.

Soccer Hour (Marshall Cavendish 2011) illustrated by Bill Thomson, averaging 100 hours per painted spread, gives readers a look at a diverse group of girls and boys, practicing to learn the basic skills of this popular worldwide game.