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Nicholasa Mohr is available to speak on a limited basis at conferences throughout the country.

She can give up to two sessions per day, plus autograph books for as long as needed.


She is especially interested in local conferences in the New York City area.

Equipment Needs: She usually needs video equipment and a monitor to show a 10 minute video during her program (her program is about 45-60 minutes long)


Her honorarium should be presented to her at the end of the conference. Her fee structure is as follows:

$3,100 a day, plus expenses - for conferences outside of the NYC area.

$2,500 a day, plus expenses - for Long Island conferences

$1,500 a day, plus expenses - for local New York City conferences.

Expenses include round-trip airfare (business class) from New York City, hotel, meals. For local visit, expenses include car service or cabs and maybe a meal depending on how long the event will be.

Please discuss any negotiations with Catherine Balkin of Balkin Buddies.

For further information, especially about the expenses (travel, hotel, and meals), click the "Arrange An Appearance" button and see "General Information on the Cost of an Author Appearance" as well as the 'Honorariums' section near the bottom of "How to Plan an Author Appearance."