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Like his books, Wendell Minor's presentations have alway been met with enthusiasm. The review from the Ohio school below is just one more indication of his skills as an illustrator and speaker. Although he prefers onsite visits, Wendell Minor is happy to Skype with groups of children large and small.



Please have the students prepare in advance a list of questions for him to answer. He will first give a brief presentation, perhaps showing his latest book or talking about an upcoming project, and will then take questions. If you prefer, the Q&A can come first, depending on your students' needs. How you handle the Q&A is up to you. Sometimes students come up to the screen individually to ask questions and then the next student comes up. Sometimes the students gather around the screen to ask questions. The format will depend on your needs and what kind of equipment you have. If you have an activboard or some other means to project the images onto a larger screen, for example, the format might be somewhat different. In any case, students must be familiar with some of his books.

If you would like a different kind of program, please let us know before setting up the program and please provide a general idea of what you would like. Further details will be needed at least a week before the chat so he can prepare.

He'll also be happy to autograph bookplates in advance of the chat, but be sure to send them to him in a timely manner so he can sign them and get them back to you before the chat.



$310 * for 1 one-hour long chat

$510 * for 2 one-hour long chats over the course of a day

$760 * for 3 one-hour long chats over the course of a day

Please visit Wendell Minor to see his bio, then follow the three other links at the top of the page for a list of his books, information on his presentations when he comes to do a physical visit, and book ordering information for getting his books from a variety of sources.

Grade levels: P-7

Residence: CT




The chat couldn't have gone better. SKYPE worked out just fine. The tech run through was helpful because it made us realize we needed to bring in extra lighting so Wendell would be able to see the children's faces. We had 40 children in front of a Promethean Board screen and they were able to hear and see just fine, although it is true that the picture on our computer was better than the picture on the big screen. (I guess we have to work on our projector.) We found just the right spot for the children asking questions to stand, so Wendell could see and hear them. He was wonderful with the students. He pitched his talk at just the right level. Certainly, his passion for what he does shone through everything he shared and talked about. And, of course, we loved his paintings.


Our children were well prepared for this talk. They had read or listened to many of the books he had illustrated (Arctic Son; Reaching for the Moon; Look to the Stars; Luck Seashore Book; Morning, Noon and Night; The Last Train; If You Were a Penguin). They had shared his books with book buddies. They had discussed and written about many of the things they'd noticed in his artwork. They tried out painting the sky with watercolors. They had come up with questions they had wondered about. They were really excited about being able to talk to him. Soria walked in this morning and said she had woken up extra early because she just couldn't wait to meet him. Lilian left at the end of the day and said, *This is the best day of the year!*


Thank you so much for making this opportunity possible. Gail and I are busy thinking of the next authors we can have an online chat with!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Sharon Blecher

Eastwood School

198 E. College St .

Oberlin , Ohio 44074