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Go to How to Set up an AIM Account on iChat

And here is some further information should you need it:


To set up an AIM account:

These are our addresses which you'll need later to add us as buddies:

    Screen name:

    Screeen name;

    Holly Screen name: sample109


Send us your AIM address so we can add you to our address book.


To set up your AIM account on the iChat on your machine:

Choose iChat > Preferences, and then click Accounts.
Click the Add (+) button.
From the Account Type menu, choose AIM Account.
Type your AIM screen name and password, and click Done.


To choose a buddy icon for yourself:

Choose iChat > Change My Picture.

Click Choose.

Select the picture you want to use, and click Open.

For best results, use a picture that is 64 x 64 pixels in size. If you use a larger picture, drag the slider to resize and crop it.

Several buddy icons come with iChat. To choose one, open your home folder (under Places in the sidebar), and then open the Pictures folder, the iChat Icon folder, and one of the folders of icons such as Flags or Planets.

Click Set.


Drag the iChat icon from the Application folder to your Dock.


To start a video chat, do one of the following:

Open iChat on your doc; you'll get a list of your buddies. On the arrow next to your name, make yourself available.


Click the camera icon next to the buddy you want to video chat with. A preview window opens, showing the video image your buddy will see.


Select one, two, or three people in the buddy list you want to talk to, and click the camera button at the bottom of the list.


When your buddy accepts your invitation, his or her image opens in the chat window, and your preview image shrinks into a corner of the chat window. You can move your image to another corner of the chat window by clicking that corner. To hide your image, choose Video > Hide Local Video.

AIM-based Apple iChat AV

AIM-based Apple iChat AV is included with all Mac OS X computers and can work with any Google Talk, AIM, MobileMe and Jabber account, on either a Mac or a Windows computer. If your school is Mac-based, or if any of your teachers have a Mac laptop with an iSight camera, it's particularly easy. You can attach your computer video output to a projector to put the image up on a larger screen so your students will be able to see easily.