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Hyperion is an imprint of Disney Book Group, which is distributed by Hachette Book Group. We are happy to extend special terms for books ordered for an author appearance.


Discounting is as follows:

1-15 copies: 40% off of retail

15-499 copies: 49% off of retail

100+ copies of a single title: 55% off of retail

500+ copies assorted: 55% off of retail


There is free ground shipping on orders for $75 net or more. Orders for author events are returnable, but there are freight charges on the return shipment.

To place an order, please contact customer service at: or 1-800-759-0190.


Be sure to state that you are ordering books for an author appearance in your school or library, and get the name of the person you order the books from.


We suggest that you place the order at least four to six weeks prior to the appearance date. If any problems occur during the placing of your order, please ask the Customer Service rep for the Customer Service supervisor. If you don't receive your order at least a week in advance of the visit, please contact the person you spoke to originally in their Customer Service again.


If you have any problems, contact them at: .