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Gerald and Loretta Hausman tell stories to children of all ages. They visit schools of all kinds and do programs that cover a variety of topics from animal lore to Indian lore, and from ghosts to Great Danes. They have done presentations to babies and to pre-schoolers and from all levels of grade school through graduate school. The size of the audience is not important to either of them - they speak from the heart to two people or two hundred. They have done numerous talks on radio and television, and are very comfortable around the campfire. He and/or Loretta can do up to three presentations a day.


Gerald and Loretta Hausman's writing workshop includes interactive lectures by the couple on the art and craft of developing memories into stories; group work and the sharing of individual writing; and conferences with the Hausmans. They can also do a question and answer session on the nitty-gritty of publishing. Workshops can be done by one or both of the Hausman's.

Their honorarium is due by the end of the last day of the author appearance. Their fee structure is as follows:

$950 to $1,000 a day, plus some expenses* - for Gerry only

$1,200 a day, plus some expenses* - for both Gerry and Loretta

Gerry and Loretta usually pay their own airfare if given enough advance to book it at a reasonable rate and if the flight is within the continental U.S. They may also pay for a portion of their own lodging, or all of it depending on book sales.

In fact, their honorarium may be flexible depending on expected book sales and how the books will be ordered.  Please see their book ordering page for information on how to order books directly from the Hausman's.

For further information, especially about the expenses (travel, hotel, and meals), click the "Arrange An Appearance" button and see "General Information on the Cost of an Author Appearance" as well as the 'Honorariums' section near the bottom of "How to Plan an Author Appearance."


Comments from Educators:

"You are a master storyteller, the voice giving wonderful inflections, as well as being your own sound effects engineer. You have a wealth of knowledge and experience that takes your listener into the native American world which you have made your own."

-David G. Robinson, Chair, Literary Society of Lee County

"Those of us who enjoyed your writing and your insight are a little richer for the experience. Participants at our project have remarked over the past few weeks how much they took pleasure in listening to you discuss and read your work. Each of them is working diligently to become a better writer and teacher through the project."

-Patricia Wachholz, Ed.D.,Co-Director, Florida Gulf Coast Writing Project

"Mr. Hausman's visit to Branford was definitely a great success with the students. From the moment he stepped onto the stage in the cafetorium, the author established an immediate rapport with every child in the room."

-Sheila Thomas, Staff Writer,Suwanee Sentinel

"The focus of our day was to celebrate the art of writing via our student authors. Your instructional workshop served as the perfect adjunct to inspire our students. You created the "magic" that topped off a perfect day."

-Marilyn Blatt, Media Specialist,The Samuel Scheck Hillel Community Day School

"Fordham University 's Annual Literacy Institute has come to an end. The memories, however. will remain with each of the participants. Their responses to your presentation were consistently "outstanding." They even remarked that "This is what education should be like!"
-Dr. Patricia A. Antonacci, Graduate School of Education, Fordham University

I can't thank you enough for your presentation at the National Writers' Association today...I came home with something no one has given me before, and that is such a sense of enthusiasm and personal possibility, that I couldnot wait to get home and turn on my computer...What was even more exciting was to see that the whole group today was galvanized by your suggestions...Thanks a million.
-Betzi Abrams, Program Coordinator, Gulf Coast National Writers' Association

You received rave reviews all the way down the line--from your keynote, to your presentations, to your taped interview! You were wonderful and very much appreciated.
-Kathy Clower, Coordinator, First Coast Writer's Festival, Florida Community College at Jacksonville

"We like your stories.  We enjoyed having you here. Please come back soon."

-The Students of Summit Elementary, Cincinnati , Ohio