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Are you an author or artist who wants to start doing school visits? Or one who needs assistance with all the details?  It's hard to get started. And once started, it's hard to keep track of everything. But help is available.


At some time in the future, we hope to have more than one author appearance coordinator at, at which point we can add more authors to our own list. So do keep in touch.


However, if you're an author or artist currently searching for a booking agent for school visits and conferences, here's another resource to try:


If you mention that you were referred to this site by Catherine Balkin or, you will receive a special free gift for registering with them.

Other booking agents can be found on the ALAN Website --


On the home page, click on the "Authors Bureau" listed in the Site Menu on the left and a variety of author appearance coordinators are described (with contact information included) in Section One.


Good luck. And keep in touch!