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Balkin Buddies was created by Catherine Balkin, who worked at HarperCollins Children's Books for nearly 14 years, setting up author appearances in schools and libraries and handling all activities and events relating to HarperCollins' participation in institutional conferences.   If you've ever been to an ALA, IRA or NCTE, you've probably met her!  While at HarperCollins, she also created the first publisher's electronic listserv dedicated to serving teachers and librarians, providing information on awards, authors and illustrators (this listserv is no longer active). She has also written biographies for the Books of Junior Authors and Illustrators published by H.W. Wilson, author interviews, English back translations for Arabic and Japanese advertising copy, children's book manuscripts and has done editorial work on various children's books.

The Balkin Buddies website, and the formation of Balkin Buddies, reflects her continuing dedication to the world of children's books and to the teachers and librarians who get them into the hands of children.  We hope you enjoy the website and will contact us with any questions you might have about authors, artists, setting up appearances, children's book publishing, editorial services, and illustrator services or general publishing information.

Balkin Buddies can also be found on our favorite blog and Facebook.

Here's Catherine with her two assistants, Woof (left) and Meow (right), who like to sit on her shoulders while she works on this website and offer comments on her labors.