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M.C. DELANEY (AKA MICHAEL DELANEY) * Gr 2 - 5 *  As an author and illustrator, he creates humorous books and his school, library and bookstore visits are all equally humorous as are his Skype chats. He does a PowerPoint presentation and usually talks about how the Obi books came to be written, often touching on some of the serious subjects that come up in his books (like self-confidence and believing in yourself) in a light-hearted manner. Mr. Delaney resides in Vermont:

ALISON JACKSON * Gr 3 - 7 * As a children's librarian, she wrote what she felt was needed most: an early chapter book for the not-too-hard, not-too-easy shelves featuring a male protagonist. Her next two books were sequels, followed by her first picture book. This book proved so popular, it changed the direction of her career completely and she has gone on to write books for preschool to middle grade children. She typically does two or three group presentations that involve puppets and include a slide show. Each program lasts about 30 to 50 minutes. Elementary schools are preferable, since these are the grades at which her books are aimed. The author resides in Salinas, CA:

ANNA OLSWANGER * Grades 3-5 for Shlemiel Crooks and Grades 6-9 for Greenhorn * This literary agent is the author of Shlemiel Crooks, a modern folktale set in the early 20th century about a town of Jewish immigrants playing tug-of-war with Pharaoh over wine made from grapes left over from the Exodus. She also wroteGreenhorn, a middle grade novel based on a true story about a young Holocaust survivor who arrives at a Brooklyn yeshiva in the 1940s with only a small box that he won't let out of his sight. Shlemiel Crooks was adapted into a family musical that can be performed in schools. Drama Source licenses the performances rights. Anna is also the co-producer of the 25-minute indie film Greenhorn, based on the novel of the same name. TMW Media distributes the film with public performance rights, and Anna's fee includes a screening of the film. Both in the book and in the film, Greenhorn touches on stuttering and bullying. Anna sends a Teachers' Guide prior to her presentations to prepare teachers and students. The Teachers' Guide for Shlemiel Crooks includes Research and Discussion Questions for Language Arts (Vocabulary, Yiddish), Social Studies, Fine Arts, Food & Cooking (with a Matzo recipe), and Group Discussion questions about Good Neighbors, Heroes, Tradition & Heritage, and Slavery. The Teachers' Guide for Greenhorn includes Research & Discussion Questions for Language Arts, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Food & Cooking, Sports & Games, and Group Discussion Questions about Belonging, Bullying, Disabilities, Friendship and Self-Discovery. The author resides in northern NJ:

DEAN PITCHFORD * Gr 3 to 7 * An Oscar-winning songwriter, playwright, screenwriter, director, actor and middle grade author of three laugh-out-look books that are, as one reviewer put it "very funny, but...also poignant...." Dean has written character-driven books that critics have called "riotous," "poignant," and "incredibly satisfying." These adjectives could also describe his author appearances and Skype chats. Charming and as funny as his books, he's also won a Golden Globe Award, as well as being nominated for three additional Oscars, two more Golden Globes, eight Grammy Awards and two Tony Awards.What he'd love to do is talk to your students about his life and his books, one of which could soon become a muscial for students to perform. Dean resides in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, CA:

MARILYN SINGER * Grades 4-12 * Winner of the Cybil Award in Poetry and the Land of Enchantment Picture Book Award, and a Texas Bluebonnet Award nominee, Marilyn is a children's book poet and author and widely acclaimed for giving the children's book world reverso poems. She speaks at large national conferences, most notably hosting the Poetry Blast! programs at the American Library Association conferences. Although she does very limited author appearances in the New York City area, she does enjoy doing Skype chats with students and adult groups throughout the country. Marilyn resides in Brooklyn, NY: