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When she was five, Lola Douglas wanted to be an actress like her then-hero, Drew Barrymore. Instead, she became a supermarket checkout girl, a video store clerk, an administrative assistant, a features reporter and a textbook development editor before deciding that writing teen novels was her real forte.


Lola has lived in seven of our great United States, including Indiana, and says that during her five-and-a-half month stint in Fort Wayne no one ever forced her to see the movie Hoosiers. She was, however, coaxed into auditioning for a part as an extra in a Neil LaBute film (Your Friends and Neighbors, to be exact), but was rejected during the first round. When not watching too much reality television, reading Gawker, or obsessing over all things Marc Jacobs, Lola can be found working on her next novel.


To this day, Lola remains fascinated with Drew Barrymore. However, her very best friend in the whole wide world is Lara Zeises. They are absolutely inseparable and sometimes Lola even fancies Lara is her alter ego. They are, however, complete opposites. For example, while Lara's favorite word is loathsome, Lola's favorite word is luscious!


Here's a list of some of Lola's other favorites: watching people do the things they love best; curse words; email, especially the “you've got mail” beep that lets her know someone is so interested in her that they are sending her an email; movies, especially Drew Barrymore movies; and last but certainly not least, Lara Zeises's wonderfully fantastic young adult novels.

Lola's book, True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet, was among ALA's 2007 Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults. It has also been made into a Lifetime Original movie starring Joanna "Jojo" Levesque and Valerie Bertinelli with 8/9/08 the premiere airdate.

Like Lara, Lola lives in Wilmington, Delaware.